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Poppys Hair Holiday Tips

Sadly, those endless hours spent in the pool whilst on holiday can end up leaving our blonde locks looking a bit green. Now most of us think it’s the chlorine that turns the hair green but in fact it’s oxidised metals in the water (mainly copper) that bind to the protein in the hair shaft and deposit their colour. The chemical that is put in pool water may be responsible for oxidising the metal but it isn’t the cause of the green colour.

In terms of what you can do about it, make sure that you rinse your hair thoroughly when you get out of the pool and use a conditioner before swimming to seal the hair cuticle and prevent the copper from binding to the hair. You can also try a EUFORA clarifying shampoo that will remove chlorine.
Our other tips for holiday hair: 
1. Wet your hair before you go into the water. That’s why those showers are there, as well as to wash off any unwanted sun tan lotion and sweat that is 

2. Always wash your hair with chlorine shampoo within 24 hours of swimming. 

3. Always comb your hair when wet by starting at the ends, not the roots, this doesn’t pull the hair or cause any unnecessary damage 

4. When your hair is wet, squeeze dry gently to avoid friction. DO NOT ruffle with a towel this causes tangles and split ends 

5. Leave your hair to air dry for at least 10 minutes before using your hairdryer – you’ll be amazed at the difference this will make to the condition of your hair over a period of time. 

6. For styling whilst on holiday, you can use any EUFORA hairsprays as they all contain UV filters which will prevent sun damage