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Our Top 10 Secrets...

Our top 10 secrets that will keep your hair looking salon beautiful everyday…
  1. Don’t keep wet hair in a towel, it causes frizz!!
  2. When wet, squeeze hair dry gently to avoid friction
  3. Always let hair ‘air-dry’ for 10 minutes before blow-drying
  4. Don’t brush wet hair, it causes hair to split - always use a large tooth comb (root to end)
  5. Always blow-dry your fringe or front of hair first for a more finished look
  6. Play hot-and-cold with your dryer and always dry from roots to ends
  7. Let your brush linger at the ends for smoother, bouncier hair
  8. Think of your hair as like a silk shirt…you want to smooth not fry with your smoothing irons so no full-on heat!!!

    And for holidays…

  9. Fully wet your hair before swimming as chlorine eats the hair from the inside
  10. And always wash your hair with chlorine shampoo within 24 hours of swimming
Our Blonde Hair Holiday Tips

Sadly, those endless hours spent in the pool whilst on holiday can end up leaving our blonde locks looking a bit green. Now most of us think it’s the chlorine that turns the hair green but in fact it’s oxidised metals in the water (mainly copper) that bind to the protein in the hair shaft and deposit their colour. The chemical that is put in pool water may be responsible for oxidising the metal but it isn’t the cause of the green colour.
In terms of what you can do about it, follow Tips 9 & 10 and make sure that you rinse your hair thoroughly when you get out of the pool or leave in  a conditioner before swimming to seal the hair cuticle and prevent the copper from binding to the hair. You can also try a EUFORA clarifying shampoo to remove chlorine.