Poppys Stockton
6 - 8 Silver Court
TS18 1SL

01642 608 539
Poppys Hartlepool
20 Victoria Road
TS26 8DD

01429 283 976
Poppys Stockton
01642 608 539
Poppys Hartlepool
01429 283 976
Welcome Back To Poppys Hairdressing
We have deeply missed you and hope you and your loves ones are well.

We understand if you have had to snip snip or apply a colour no problem we will sort it for you.

You can book a hair appointment by using Poppys easy to use online booking system 24/7 here

The salons are a safe environment for you and our teams 
You need to strictly follow Poppys Guidelines
  • Please cancel if you have any COVID-19 symptoms.

  • We need you to arrive on time. Not early as we do not have a reception area.

  • If you are late we will have to cancel your appointment.

  • Please come alone.

  • Personal items need to be kept to a minimum. No shopping bags.

  • Please bring 2 x face coverings that fit round your ears. We will have these to sell.

  • We have hand sanitiser for you on arrival and during your visit

  • We cannot offer refreshments. You are welcome to bring your own and please take your rubbish home with you.

  • We cannot provide magazines. You can bring your own or use your phone or small tablets


We are so lucky to have such spacious salons.

In the interest of quality, a keen desire to remain in business and additional costs incurred to keep everyone safe, there has been a  price increase implemented from 4th July 2020. At this time we cannot offer any promotions.

ALL  COLOUR CLIENTS  may need to apply a patch test before your appointment 48hrs before which needs to be in place on your arrival, we reserve the right to refuse to colour your hair if it’s not applied. It is easy to use and all instructions are inside. 
Looking forward to seeing you and please be safe.

 NB This information will be updated ongoing.